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injection are important for dogs?

 Is injection are important for dogs?

Yes, it is very important to give injection to the dog, if you have not given injection to the dog, then definitely read the article written below, this will definitely make you understand.

Why injection are important for dogs?

If someone is bitten by a dog, then an injection of anti-rabies vaccine must be given within 72 hours. This information was given by Dr. Ajay Grover, MO, Civil Hospital. He told that if the patient does not get the injection within 72 hours, then he can fall prey to rabies disease. Once this happens, there is no cure for rabies. Also, after the bite of a wild animal, the patient should wash it with soap for at least fifteen minutes if the wound is not too deep. After this clean it properly with Betadine and never cover the wound. If the wound is very deep, then immediately take care of its cleanliness with the advice of a doctor. Pet dogs in homes must be vaccinated against rabies. If a dog’s saliva accidentally spills on a wound, it can also cause rabies. He told that once the patient is in the grip of rabies, there is no cure for it. However, some relief can be provided to the patient through treatment. Rabies disease can take a patient for 19 years.

 How does Rabies happen?

 Due to the bite of animals like dog, monkey, pig, bat, etc., the saliva which gets mixed in the blood of the person, there is a risk of getting a disease called rabies. Rabies disease directly disturbs the mental balance of the patient. Due to which the patient does not have any balance on his mind, seeing anything can flare up.

Symptoms of Rabies Disease

 The rabies patient is most afraid of water. Because whoever gets rabies, this disease engulfs the brain as well as the throat. If the patient even thinks of drinking water, then he feels tightness in his throat. Due to which he is most at risk from water. Saliva comes out from the patient’s nose and mouth. He even starts barking. There is also such a state of the disease that he feels himself fearless. The patient is afraid of light. The patient always prefers to be in a quiet and dark environment. The patient can get angry about anything.

 Rabies Disease Treatment

 There is no cure after rabies. Although research is going on for its prevention, but till now there is no treatment for it. Nevertheless, in hospitals for the prevention of rabies, betadine is applied to the wound of any wild animal for 72 hours after the bite, so that the wound can be prevented from spreading. Anti-rabies vaccine injections are given after the bite of a wild animal. According to the rules, the first injection is given within 72 days, the second after three days, the third after seven days, the fourth after 14 days and the fifth after 28 days, but now the fifth injection is given on the advice of the doctor.

 After a dog bite, it is often seen that patients from villages come after 72 hours. By applying ground red chili on the wound, the risk of healing is less and the risk of infection in the wound is more. Anti-rabies vaccine must be injected within 72 hours after a dog or any other animal has been bitten. A doctor’s advice should be taken immediately.

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